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The Healing Coaches

Let's Make Your Dream Marriage a Reality

Christi is an author and speaker as well as an intuitive healer and Rick has a background in years of team building skills and strategies in corporate America. Together they have traveled the U.S. speaking and teaching classes on healing all while living their dreams together. They are the parents of 4 children and they highly value laughter, intimacy and family.

Rick and Christi Diamond B.S., M.Ed, are both directors at Marriage Boot Camp (as seen on WETV) and have helped hundreds of couples heal and repair their marriages to create a lasting and solid connection with each other. 

They teach the concepts of what it takes to truly reach that depth of love within a relationship where couples create a deep trust and safety to belong to themselves while also belonging to each other.


Together, they created "Healing Acres" where they facilitate individuals and couples at their luxurious retreat center on 40 acres as they unplug from the world and plug into deep connection with themselves and each other in an exquisite experience surrounded by opulence and nature.  

Experience The Difference For Yourself

If you are ready to unite with your spouse in the brand new reality that is your marriage, actively work toward living your dreams, and take a deep dive into healing, then our couple's intensive packages were specifically designed for you.

During our intensives and retreats, we will provide you with the tools so that you can leave us with...

  • A richer and deeper connection to your partner

  • A sense of safety like never before inside your relationship

  • A redefined level of trust

  • A reconnection to yourself and your life's purpose

  • Real and raw healing from past trauma that could be holding you back in your relationship


And believe us, there IS a difference! Imagine having two professionals with expert advice and experience completely focused on you and your marriage. Unwind and settle into the beautiful space of connection with your mate as you focus on the heart of the matter: healing. Healing the underlying emotions that have created walls and disconnection, getting to the other side of deep intimate love, and having the fun that you had at the beginning of your relationship!

The Process Of Working With Us




Your own healing is crucial to the growth of your relationship. Many times in our relationships we continue to retraumatize each other without even realizing we are doing it. We love each other deeply but we just can't seem to figure out how to fit the puzzle pieces together to create peace and fulfillment in it. Oftentimes, our spouse is suffering from the baggage of our past and we continue to hurt them unaware that we are really perceiving their actions through our own trauma and beliefs. If we don't heal our wounds, we start to embody the very thing that wounded us. Your inner work can change the outcomes of your relationship and as you heal your wounds, you have less friction and conflict and more love and fulfillment. 

In all the work we have done with couples, we find that the biggest culprit for the walls and the disconnection is that parts of themselves and their relationship have never fully healed because they have not been repaired. The healing is IN the repair. It is essential to the depth and connection of your relationship and this is where we spend the time healing the wounds that have been left unresolved. We create the space and safety to bear your souls and to be open about all the things that have been left unsaid. 

There is something so beautiful about watching your beloved sink into the most vulnerable parts of themselves. It creates such love and compassion for each other and it really is the place for your relationship to start thriving and to start dreaming together again.  It's time you both get back to that place you treasure in your partner- it's the thing we are actually fighting FOR! Time after time, we have couples tell us that they have never ever in all their years of marriage reached this level of connection before. and we smile every time!  EVERYONE should experience this level in their marriage. 

Let's Make Your Dream Marriage A Reality

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