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The Healing Coach

A Journey For Women

Hi! I'm Christi Diamond B. S., M.Ed.  I have this gift for knowing you before I even meet you. People often comment to me and say "I have never told anyone half the things I told you" and that's just in the first meeting, when we haven't even started working together yet! It's because my highest value is integrity and I create a place of safety and trust instantly because that IS the ONLY environment we can heal and thrive in.


I don't half ass anything. I show up 100 percent from the beginning and I go deep, fast! Staying on the surface, keeps us there. In the shallow end of the pool where we can keep pretending. In the deep end, we dive in, explore and really get movement. We take risks and we own everything about us! If you want to come play in the deep end, let's do it! 



What To Expect

I dive deep quickly, with no messing around.
Let's get to the core and make things happen! 
Continuous support throughout the whole process.
Someone to see you, truly see you, and help you to return to yourself again. 

Step One

Let's chat about what you are looking for in your healing and what you are looking to create in your life and in your relationships as well as your business/career. The call is complimentary with no obligation and no sales gimmicks. 

This helps us both to see if we are a good fit.


Step Two

Get ready for an amazing ride and the beautiful excavation of your soul, how to listen to her, how to trust her and how to honor what you came here to do. I am a trained medical intuitive, as well as an energy coach, and I use those healing modalities as well as trauma work to help create the safety in your body to live the life you desire. Along with that, we do some deep dives into the areas that have you blocked and stuck. This is a combination of healing, excavating, and discovering ALL that you are and owning it. Like really owning it sister! It's time! The world needs you NOW!

Step Three

So much magic takes place! Like sooo much! And you live life in a whole new way when you stand in your truth, trust your heart and create the life you've always imagined! And we do lots of celebrating!! 

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