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The POWER of YOU with HIM

I'm on a mission to teach you just how truly powerful YOU can be in relationship with men.  Ways that you haven't even discovered and ways that might even completely surprise you.  I've coached thousands at this point and a lot of my clients have been men. I’ve learned a lot working with men. How they operate. How they think. What their absolute deepest desires are. What they want and crave from women. What they desire in relationship. What they desire more than anything. And what brings out their strong. powerful, protective, sexy masculine. I 100% guarantee that this is going to blow your mind and that your relationship will be unrecognizable after this course so jump in now at beta pricing because next time I teach it, the price will be doubled. It's THAT good! 

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Hello beauty, 

Listen up, I'm going to be bold about this.

You’ve been doing it all wrong. 

But so did I. Until I didn't. 


Actually a lot of us have. 

We actually have no clue how men really operate and how to get the best out of them. 


But the great thing is, now you can do it all right! 


Most women have spent so much time doing it all wrong that when they learn how to do it right, they are floored by how much time they wasted not accessing the power they actually already had in relationship and that it just took a few key tweaks.



                                                            Are you ready? 


Like, really ready to know how to be in a relationship with a masculine man that can meet your needs and create connection and synergy? I’m serious because once you know this stuff, you have to know that your life and relationship will never be the same.


You won’t want it to be. Because this is the ticket to something deep and when you apply what you've learned, you have the golden ticket. 


I’ve created this in my own marriage and I was blown away at how fast things changed for us. 


We are living our biggest dreams together and life is incredible, so is the spiritual sex and  our deep connection. 


I can’t wait to share with you what it takes to bring out the masculine in your man. 


And let’s be real….it’s what we crave. To have a man protect you and pursue you and hold your heart.


To have a man hold space for you and your emotions and to have a man show up as a leader.


You want to be chosen.  But you want to be chosen by the right man. 


Just a few of the tips alone can change your relationship with men. 


When you know this, life shifts, and your relationship becomes what you want it to be.


Why this course is different; 

Not only have I coached hundreds of women ,I have worked intimately with many men, diving deep into their psyches. This dual perspective is rare. I've heard the unspoken words, decoded the unsaid emotions, and dissected layers of the masculine psyche that most experts don't even touch upon. On top of that, I know the biology of a man is also what drives him to want you more and I can't wait to share that part too! The secrets I've unraveled are your keys to a groundbreaking relationship transformation. It costs 5 K minimum to work with me short term and what I'm about to reveal at this price for a six week course where you get access to me and all I know about relationship at a fraction of the cost is a rare opportunity. 


This course is designed with YOU in mind.

Dive deep into the masculine psyche in ways most relationship courses don’t even venture into. 

We won’t just be discussing theories. Who wants that? 

Equip yourself with actionable steps to evoke the powerful masculine energy from your partner, tangible tools to apply right now. 

  • Discover the Secrets of Masculine Energy and how to be pursued every day! 

  • Understand the dance between your powerful feminine and his deep-rooted masculine.

  • Realize how much you actually set the tone for your relationship and that when you understand that, anything in your relationship is possible. 

  • Learn the thing every man wishes a woman knew about him.

  • Reignite the passion you had in the beginning.Remember the butterflies?

  • Unlock layers of your relationship, creating a bond that goes beyond the surface and where you navigate the hard things so much easier. 

  • Learn how men actually communicate. It is very different than a women and this makes it 10 times easier.

  • Get your needs met over and over. And get your best friend back. 

  • Learn what men fear most of all and how you play into that fear.

  • Learn how to get the best out of him. You have no idea how much this alone can change how you do relationship. 

  • Gain a rare insight into the intricate workings of the male mind. Understand his fears, dreams, and desires like never before and what her really wants. When you know this, your ability to get what you want sky rockets. 

  • Have the relationship you have always craved with the man you truly love. 

For a woman who demands nothing but the best, isn’t it time you had a relationship that matched your intensity and depth?

Harness the power to shape your relationship for a lifetime. 

Are you ready to unlock levels of connection, intimacy, and leadership in your relationship that most can only dream of?

Are You Ready to Dive Deeper?

Embrace the opportunity to cultivate a relationship that reflects both your strength and your vulnerability, your wisdom and your wonder.

Spaces are Limited. Begin your transformative journey into the heart of the masculine. I will never offer this course at this low of a price again!  And YES! It's that good! 


It starts Monday Nov 13th 6pm central  LIVE via Zoom! Plan on 90 min. each week because we have a lot to cover! Yes! Every call will be recorded and you will be invited to join a FB Group for interaction and questions.

6 weeks to shift, which is perfect timing to end the year out living in the relationship of your dreams. This is for single and married women.  

I'm offering this at the special beta price of $777 even though it is worth so much more. Next time, the price will double. So get in on this transformational opportunity. I promise you will never look at your marriage or your relationship with men in the same way again. You will have the golden ticket to creating the relationship you dream of! 


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