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Shatter the myth that you can't have it ALL. Discover the journey to emotional healing, self-empowerment, and spiritual evolution. Create true fulfillment in your life and marriage by embarking on the journey back to genuine connection and authenticity with yourself and your partner. 

What Is It That We Do?

Renowned relationship and coaching experts, Christi and Rick Diamond, are the creators of The Healing Coach and the Ultimate Intimate™. They work with people online and in person at their retreat center in Chandler, Oklahoma.


Are you ready to invest in your own healing and growth, so you can connect authentically to self, spirit, and others; claim your inherent value and true power; have rich and abundant relationships in your life, and heal yourself and your marriage from the inside out?

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Meet Christi Diamond
B.S., M.Ed.

Author | Speaker | Medical Intuitive Healing Practitioner | Grief Recovery Specialist

A healer unlike any other. Christi truly has a gift, and has made it her life's mission to share her healing abilities with the world. She is the creator of The Aroma Heal Method and The Diamond Method which she uses with her clients in her practice.

Christi has worked with hundreds of women to assist them in conquering the effects of grief, trauma, and loss. Women who work with her come out the other side to live in connected relationships and thriving empires! She has traveled the country doing book tours, speaking, and teaching healing techniques to audiences everywhere.  

She is a trauma-informed healer and is exquisitely intuitive. She lives on a beautiful plot of land with a retreat center called ‘Healing Acres’ where she facilitates women’s retreats and does exclusive couples intensives alongside her husband and soulmate Rick Diamond.


Meet Rick Diamond

Certified Life Coach | Speaker | Marriage Bootcamp Director

Rick is a director at Marriage Bootcamp and has been training teams for years on leadership and management. He has several certifications as a life coach and specializes in helping men see their value and really step into claiming the warrior within. He has championed many men to solidify their relationship with themselves and their spouses. 

He has spoken on stage and facilitated hundreds in workshops and intensives to help them let go of the past and move forward to live their best lives. He highly values being a father to four children and helping marriages thrive. 

He quit his corporate job to travel, share growth and healing and explore the U.S. Along the way, he made friends everywhere he went and is a true extrovert at heart!

""I can attest 1st hand that the work you both do is like nothing I've ever experienced. Having both perspectives, his and hers represented and the sacred container that you both create made the work a lot easier! I swear every couple could use you guys. What if people who thought they were mostly okay dug a little deeper and created an even better relationship? Yours is the place to do it!"



This Is Us

We have mastered the techniques of true intimacy and fulfillment in our own marriage to reach the height of our purpose and the depth of our souls. Now, it fuels us to provide the same kind of healing and transformation for YOU!


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Discover our Signature VIP program and experience a year-long, life-changing journey.

Through all of our work with couples over the years, we have found some truly magical and somewhat unconventional ways to reconnect with each other and create a thriving marriage!

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"As an executive, I've done a ton of corporate trainings, self development, inner work and team building and what we did this weekend as a couple was NEXT LEVEL. I was skeptical at first that this could do what I wanted it to do but you two and the work you do exceeded wayyy beyond my expectations! You are gifted. I've never had this level of work and these kinds of results!  The words that come to mind is completely transformational.  You are true experts. We have never reached this depth of connection in our marriage ever!"












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"We love each other so much but we just couldn't figure out how to really get past the conflict and just getting to a place of peace in our marriage and pursuing our dreams together as a couple so that life feels good and amazing and we don't keep going back to the pain of the past and how we have hurt each other. I didn't know how we were going to get there and we have both been frustrated. When we came and did the in person retreat on our marriage, I was so amazed at how much healing we did. How much we were able to let go of and move past and how much we feel so much hope for our future and the connection we now have. Rick and Christi are amazing. They really are incredible and so insightful in the work they do. I think every couple should do this. It was so worth it! I wish we would have done it sooner!" 


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