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Do you dream of the days that you used to get butterflies in your stomach when your partner looked at you or they ran their fingers across your back?

Well, we’re here to help you reignite the flame in your marriage.

We specialize in working with couples to do their own inner work and come together to create a strong and lasting marriage that unites them in a shared vision of a relationship built on trust, safety and growth so they can become the greatest version of themselves, TOGETHER.


We take a very different approach to creating the strongest connected marriages. It takes something unique and powerful to reach a connection you have never before attained with your spouse. And it’s totally possible!

We are directors at Marriage Bootcamp and have travelled the country speaking and teaching all over the U.S. on healing and repair. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of couples to help them reach the next level of their relationship and to create a deep and lasting trust. Not many couples know the key elements to true healing and we have mastered the techniques in our own marriage to reach the height of our purpose and the depth of our souls to come to a place of deep intimacy and connection.

""I can attest 1st hand that the work you both do is like nothing I've ever experienced. Having both perspectives, his and hers represented and the sacred container that you both create made the work a lot easier! I swear every couple could use you guys. What if people who thought they were mostly okay dug a little deeper and created an even better relationship? Yours is the place to do it!"



"As an executive, I've done a ton of corporate trainings, self development, inner work and team building and what we did this weekend as a couple was NEXT LEVEL. I was skeptical at first that this could do what I wanted it to do but you two and the work you do exceeded wayyy beyond my expectations! You are gifted. I've never had this level of work and these kinds of results!  The words that come to mind is completely transformational.  You are true experts. We have never reached this depth of connection in our marriage ever!"



Both perspectives are represented in our coaching together because we know it takes the balance of both the husband and wife to come together and create the marriage you truly want.


We coach through what it really takes to build safety, trust and communication.


We both bring our experience and our background and Rick will even throw in a joke or two to lighten the mood! 


"We love each other so much but we just couldn't figure out how to really get past the conflict and just getting to a place of peace in our marriage and pursuing our dreams together as a couple so that life feels good and amazing and we don't keep going back to the pain of the past and how we have hurt each other. I didn't know how we were going to get there and we have both been frustrated. When we came and did the in person retreat on our marriage, I was so amazed at how much healing we did. How much we were able to let go of and move past and how much we feel so much hope for our future and the connection we now have. Rick and Christi are amazing. They really are incredible and so insightful in the work they do. I think every couple should do this. It was so worth it! I wish we would have done it sooner!" 



Things you should know about Christi:

She reads people's energy like nobodies business and is highly intuitive!

She is a visionary and makes the impossible totally possible! Without her vision and fortitude, she wouldn't be where she is! 

She is actually pretty funny and she has a wild streak in her! 

She loves to travel! 

She can't listen to music without moving! 

She loves to see the magic in all things.

Her life has literally been spared 4 times!

She is a total tree hugger and calls herself a hippie gypsy! 

Favorite Movie: The Notebook

Hidden Talent: She has quite a knack for decorating!

Biggest Joy: Being a mom of 4 and marrying her soulmate! 

Things you should know about Rick:

He is quite the romantic! 


He is a total prepper!

He loves the mountains and nature. 

He is an absolute extrovert and makes friends everywhere he goes! 

He loves being a father. It is his greatest joy!

Without his organization skills, there would be no order in our home.  He thinks of everything we need all the time and keeps the house running like a well oiled machine!

He is a dog magnet! Dogs love and adore him and run up to him all the time. 


Favorite Movie: Rad

Hidden Talent: He knows how to play 11 instruments and is a gifted music conductor.

Biggest lifelong goal: To own a ranch.  


"This is life changing!"

I'm amazed at how much we were able to do in our relationship in such a short amount of time.  The tools we learned have really saved us in our communication and we solve conflict so fast now because of it! We did the counseling before and never got this far at all. In fact, I was really discouraged and wondered if there really was a solution out there.  And here it is.  I loved that we had both sides represented with Rick and Christi both and neither one of us felt ganged up on.  They really do care and I felt like they were with us every step of the way.  It's been life changing for us really and to know that months later we are still so happy together, just tells me that we did the right thing by doing this for our marriage. So grateful. 


"Strengthened my marriage"

I have come to know Christi as an Angel among us. I found her on such a coincidental journey, or better yet God sent her to us. I say us because I feel like she is helping to save our entire family.  She knew so many thing and truths that I have not shared with a soul. She brought me up from a crater I didn't even realize I had fallen into. Throughout our journey Christi has helped me with my four year old son who has been to play therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and occupational therapists. She has literally done more for him in our few sessions than all those professionals could do within the past year. She has also strengthened my marriage and helped me find myself, my joy, my value and my strengths. I can honestly say Christi likely saved me and my entire family." 


"I got further in 3 months than I did in 3 years with someone else!"

I am an executive and own my own multi-million dollar company and I have invested in myself and my own growth. When I signed up with Christi I had already been doing this work with someone else for 3 years and I got further with Christi in 3 months than I did in those 3 years! I was so impressed that I hired her to coach my executive team! She is incredible at getting to the core of the issue so quickly and shifting the energy instantaneously! 

S. M. 

LET'S WORK together

Women's Coaching

Sure you can do it all and make it all happen but do you really want to?

Aren't you tired of the whole world depending on you? Sister! Seriously!


You can have the success and the deepest connected relationship without having to do it all!


You are a powerhouse at work but there's a whole different dynamic at play in your relationship. 

And it's a whole different angle from what you are doing. 


Your deepest desires are literally one inch outside of the space you are standing in.  Are you ready?

Men's Coaching

There are just a a few keys things you need to put in place to have the balance between meeting all the roles you need to play in your life and still have down time, play time and great sex.

Men need men in community in order to heal. Owning your masculinity, your dreams and your warrior spirit is actually good and healthy… and it turns out, it’s your superpower…


We’re here to help you get your needs met and create a connected relationship built on trust and respect..  

Couple's Coaching 

Most of the couples who have come to us have been down the path of counseling and what we hear every time is that THIS and what we do is different and 

was the very thing they needed to actually change what was missing.


Filling in the voids, healing what has been broken and finding their way back to the person they fell in love with. 

We created a safe place to flourish, communicate and heal so you can ensure your needs are met over and over. 


"Rick and Christi changed our marriage forever. We had spent so much money on counseling and workshops, trying to figure this out and this was my last hope. It changed everything for us! We are so happy and so in love!  We are living our biggest dreams!"

Tasha and Rich

Retreats for

Men, Women, and Couples

Women's Retreats

So many magical things happen at our luxurious retreat center! You get to meet yourself in a whole new way and step into fun, laughter, connection and your gorgeous goddess self!  This is a deep dive into the depth of you and all that you are! So much to unleash and own about yourself! This is the best place to do it! Cocooned and pampered in nature! 


Men's Retreats

Create life long bonds and join the “band of brothers" where you will get in touch with your warrior spirit, take on your life and be in community with other men who are wanting the same things you are- a strong connection to themselves, God, their wife and their family. 

Hiking outdoor activity in summer, man helping to pull a beard guy climb on mountain. Clim

Couple's Retreats

This is an experience like no other, where you can unplug, reconnect on a deeper level and release all the muck that keeps you from truly seeing each other and meeting each other's needs. This is where the healing begins and where trust becomes stronger. This is next level work and the transformation is phenomenal. 


Image by Nils Stahl


you will be left with…


  • The recognition and realization of your own unique beauty and gifts and purpose! 

  • The ability to understand your superpowers and what you came here to do! 

  • An awareness of where you are leaking valuable energy and therefore your power! 

  • Empowerment to do the things that really set your soul on fire!


When you are truly connected to yourself, your Higher Power, and your purpose, you are gifted with the ability to operate in your true power and receive the deepest whisperings of your soul.

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